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Love's Promise

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Love's Promise

Title: “Love’s Promise”

Description: “Love’s Promise” also known as “Temperance” from the Tarot Card “Trilogy of Love” suite by Salvador Dali . Retail Value $16,500

This beautiful work of art is an original lithograph Hand-Signed by Salvador Dali. This artwork is on the extremely delicate and rare Japon paper numbered EA and was created in 1976 at Torrents, Barcelona,Spain by Salvador Dali, then published by Levine & Levine and marketed by Bowles-Hopkins Galleries The total tirage of this outstanding surrealistic piece is a rare 290 which is composed of 150 numbered on Arches paper, 100 numbered on Japon paper, + 40 EA’S (20 on Arches + 20 on Japon). The dimensions are an impressive 29 3/4″ X 21 3/8″ of which the leading image extends to the edge of the paper with no margins. This artwork is certified authentic by MICHLER-LOPSINGER PLATE 1501 This lithograph is one of the most sought after because of its beautiful angelic theme and due to its rarity. This fine art Original Lithograph will serve as an exceptional investment in Fine Art and will appreciate over time and benefit generation to come.


Media: Original Lithograph

Edition: EA


Dimensions: 29 3/4 x 21 3/8

Year: 1976

Price: $11,500