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This web site is a collaborative effort bringing together the resources of individuals involved in the art world with a combined experience of fifty years, as art dealers, consultants, and appraisers. During this time we have made extensive contacts in the art world with artists, art publishers, and other art dealers, as well as many clientele with considerable private collections. We have the ability to locate art on a local, national and international scale and deliver to our clientele at considerable savings to them. The variety of art can range from originals and graphics by Old Masters (i.e. Rembrandt, Renoir) to Modern Masters (i.e. DALI, Picasso, Chagall, Miro) to Contemporaries (i.e. Leroy Neiman, Alexandra Nechita, Peter Max, Erte, Wilkinson, McKnight, Yamagata, Andy Warhol, Frederick Hart, David Hockney, etc.). Our clientele include galleries nationwide that are searching for difficult to find pieces. We deal with the source as well as rely on our extensive Archival Collection, which we have been amassing for over twenty years. Our services include Appraisals at $200 per item (membership in major Appraisal Association); Art Search , Auction & Price Reports at $30 per item and Personal Art Consulting. If you are interested in a specific work of art (sculpture, painting or graphic) or would like some information regarding a certain artist, please feel free to contact us and discuss the details. From time to time we will have an exceptional opportunity available and will place an offering on this site with appropriate information. Come and browse these pages. There is something here for you. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your visit. This site is continuously growing, please check back often to view the most recent additions and if there is something here you dont see, chances are we have it. Ask us about it.